The Plus Size Bride: Finding Dress Part 2

So we’ve talked about why its hard to find a dress for plus size brides. Now for some happy news… Your dress is out there and here is some advice for making finding it an enjoyable process.

1. Research
One of the best ways to avoid the stress of wedding dress shopping is to do your research. Know what sizes of samples bridal shops carry, what types of dresses and styles they carry. Understand that bridal sizes differ from designer to designer. For example, a size 18 “bridal size” from one designer could fit a person who is a “street size” 14, and another designer’s size 18 might fit a bride who is a size 10 or less.

2. Invite a Small Group of 2-3 to Come with You to Your Appointment
It can be a lot trying on wedding dresses, and it takes a lot of time. Having a couple of friends and/or family members come along with you to help you can make all the difference in the world. But even more important, you’re going to want some support if you start to feel bad about yourself. I started to feel bad about myself when I went into bridal shops and quickly realized that the dresses I wanted to try on didn’t fit me or worse I couldn’t try anything on at all. I really wish that when I went to those first few shops I would’ve taken my sister or my mom or my mother-in-law to be with me so that when I started to look at my body and see ugly they would have been there me how beautiful I really am.

3. Please, Please Be Nice to Yourself
So often, I really wish that I had the will to keep trying on dresses, to find a wedding dress that really made me feel beautiful. I look back on my wedding pictures and regret it, I regret the dress I wore to my wedding, because I settled. When I looked in the mirror I wasn’t happy with what I saw, and I didn’t want to keep going. I chose the easy way out, and I regret it. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself, and do not let society tell you who you are. When you look in the mirror, love your curves.

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