QDo I need to make an appointment to try on wedding gowns?
A: We recommend scheduling an appointment so you can receive one on one attention from your consultant stylists. We close the store to all others during your appointment so to maximize your comfort and help you enjoy the experience of shopping for your perfect wedding gown.

Q: How long are bridal appointments?
A: Our bridal appointments are approximately 90 mins (1 1/5 hours)

Q: How much does it cost to make a custom dress consultation?
A: All of our appointments are free, if you would like to make a consultation appointment for a custom dress just make sure when making your appointment you click on that service.

Q: If I am a smaller size than 14 can I try on your dresses?
A: Absolutely, we have dresses for every size. Remember that bridal dresses typically run small so we are able to work with Slender brides.

Q: What Should I Bring to my appointment?
A: We would love if you bring ideas of your perfect gown, this is most important if you are wanting to do a custom gown. Bring an open mind, don’t be surprised if one of our Bridal Consultant finds “the perfect dress” that you would’ve never tried on before. Bring undergarments and shoes Close to the ones you will ware on your big day.

Q: How long dose it take to design and make a custom gown?
A: It can take 4 months to make a custom gown once it is designed, the whole process taking about 5-6 months, however rush ordering is available.

Q: What Size Gowns are available to try on?
A: Our sample sizes between size 14 and size 28. We have a very limited selection of dresses in a Size 12 and below.

Q: How do I know my bridal dress size?
A: Almost every bridal dress runs super small, the rule of thumb is to take your pant size and move up by 2 to 4 sizes. So for example if you are a size 10 your bridal dress size is likely a size 14 or higher depending on the designer.

Q: How far in advance should I purchase my wedding gown?
A: We usually say the sooner the better but by a general rule of thumb you should order between 6-8 months before your wedding depending on manufacturer and your stylist could give you more clarification on this.

Q: How Many Fittings do I need?
A: Usually a bride requires 2-3 fittings to ensure the perfect look. We Partner with work with amazing Alterations companies.

Q: What if I have a rush wedding?
A: It’s not too late! We have a wide verity of gowns that are available for purchase right off the rack.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are a shop where you can find your wedding dress in Cleveland Ohio, more specifically in Mayfiled Heights near Beachwood. We are on Mayfiled Road. We have walk-in hours on Monday’s and Wednesday.